Manning Financial

Serious illness provides for several specific illnesses. If you are diagnosed with the specified illness you can claim the benefit. Serious Illness is, according to the statistics, a reasonably widespread lifetime event. Around 40,000 new cancer cases diagnosed in Ireland every year. It is estimated that fifty per cent of all people in Ireland will develop cancer over their lifetime.

Every year around ten thousand Irish nationals suffer a stroke Although 80% of them will survive, they will live with the life-changing consequences. 

Every year more than 200 new cases of MS are diagnosed in Ireland where already more than 8000 people live with the disease. This is an illness that typically strikes people in the prime of their lives at a time when they are building careers and raising families.

These and many other dire illnesses can have a severe impact on your ability to look after yourself and your family. At a time when you are unable to work due to illness, you will also have additional expenses. These include the costs of treatment and any living space adaptations needed to accommodate your illness. These costs can be substantial. In addition, some of these illnesses may leave you unable to earn an income for the rest of life.

Combining financial concerns with health and lifestyle issues will only add to your stress levels.

Specified Illness Cover pays out a lump sum when you are diagnosed with one of the covered conditions. This will assist with loss of income, treatment and lifestyle adaptations.

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