Investment Process

Not only do we invest in funds, we also invest in people. We take the time to talk about your specific requirements and goals and we assess whether your expectations are realistic and your goals achievable. It is important to establish your attitude towards risk and potential returns.

Next, we research and analyse various investment options to tailor a portfolio that suits your specific circumstances. The key is to provide products, and a portfolio of funds, that suit your risk-attitude.

We will discuss our recommendations with you, and explain why we feel that each recommendation suits your goals while at the same time fitting your attitude to risk. At this point, we will agree upon a reasonable review period.
Finally, we will review your portfolio as per the agreed interval, ensuring that your financial goals are still on target. We repeat this process regularly to help increase the likelihood of investment success.

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Some investors are more open to risk than others. Therefore, we spend a lot of time establishing the degree of risk each investor is willing to accept, and the capital losses they are able to withstand. We need to know how these factors will affect your lifestyle before we undertake any type of investment on your behalf.